Welfare, Respect and the match-day environment

I hope that the teams have enjoyed their first month of the new season. You may be aware of the Walsall Junior Youth Football League meetings that are attended by club officials once a month. At the last league meeting it was stated that there had been noticeable abuse of referees by spectators at some of the games already this season. There has been an increase of female referees and they have particularly suffered, including being subject to sexist remarks. Referees have been advised to abandon any matches where this happens.

As part of the FA’s Respect agenda everyone involved in the game has a responsibility to ensure that football is enjoyed by all who take part. The league has asked for all clubs to support them in trying to eradicate unacceptable behaviour at matches and I know that Stonnall Juniors FC will have your support in this. Spectators will often witness incidents at matches that coaches and referees are unaware of. I am in the process of discussing with team coaches methods to help Stonnall families and friends report inappropriate behaviour that they may witness at matches.

Deborah – Club Welfare Officer

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