Footgolf Day – 9th Oct

With no fixture today Stonnall Phoenix players, parents brothers and sisters enjoyed a round or two of foot golf with a little competition of course!

The scores went from very respectable to “I lost count” and any other excuse that could be thought of!
Well done to Mick, Squiggy’s uncle who made a hole in one (that’s the fella on the right in grey) Mick has promised to buy everyone a drink the next time all those in the picture are in the same room!
The weather was great, the company and laughter even greater, thank you to everyone for a great fun afternoon.


1 thought on “Footgolf Day – 9th Oct

  1. Mick Wallace

    I’ve had a couple of lucky dips on the euromillions tonight so if they come in, I will be able to buy everybody a drink!! Thanks for a great time all, it was great chatting to some of the parents i haven’t spoken to before, a good laugh too, see you Sunday, Mick


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