Match Report – Nov 27th

Stonnall Phoenix   2:2   Brownhills Community Colts

og, Charlie

These two teams shared the points but it will be Stonnall who will be the more disappointed after a dominant display of attacking football.

The visitors found themselves mainly pinned back in their own half and defended stubbornly against waves of Phoenix forays. Brownhills were defending deep and leaving very little space behind and despite half chances the home side couldn’t find the breakthrough.

Squiggy created chances from corners before going off injured and Charlie worked hard to create space for a shot and feed penetrating through balls but in 16th minute, against the run of play, it was Brownhills who took the lead on the break for 0:1.

Apart from forcing a flying save from Alfie, Brownhills had enjoyed little possession in the home side’s area and the remainder of the first half continued in this fashion.

The second half saw the away side on the back foot again but playing downhill the defence drifted slightly less deep allowing Stonnall more room in behind. DJ and the busy Bezza combined well down the right and from DJ’s corner the ball rebounded into the net for an own goal to bring Phoenix level. 1:1 after 49 minutes.

Jacko, who like Bezza, had been brought on as a substitute was combative in midfield and the home crowd were appreciative of many attractive, flowing moves. Once again Stonnall forced a corner on the right and when DJ‘s ball found Charlie positioned well, his fierce shot hit the back of the net for his seventh goal of the season. It gave Phoenix a deserved 57th minute lead.

With Stonnall ahead, they were still forcing Brownhills back and any breaks were being contained by the home defence but with three minutes left, an innocuous throw into the six yard box bounced off a defender and unluckily into the goal to make the final score 2:2.

Whilst Brownhills defended well, the game was dominated by Stonnall Phoenix who on another day would have won comfortably.

Report by Pete H.


Message from the Manager

With respect to Brownhills Colts they sustained almost 35 minutes of Stonnall possession in their half.
After 30 minutes of a training session working on defence/keeper position and communication it was ironic that we conceded to just one attack with no communication.

1-0 down but a good learning/talking discussion for training.

We played some very good football in possession and taking possession but disappointingly what let us down and not for the first time was a lack of communication.
We have to talk and instruct each other.

The funny thing is, at half time I can’t get your attention for listening to your chatter about who did what or not in the first half – if you talked like that during the game it would help your game tremendously.

Excellent kicks from Alfie.
Good one – two’s moving forward getting us into opposition box.
Team positioning/set up from opposition goal kicks.
Good early recovery runs.
Good midfield positioning.
Good pressing at times.
Lack of restriction when leading player is pressing.
Lack of reading restriction and delay
Poor communication
Players too close resulting in limited playing space.
Delay in passing – holding ball too long.
(These are very easy to put right and well within your ability)



Captain’s Comments

Disappointed to come away from this game with a point, Dylan played well in midfield and Ash had to go off which was a shame.
We should show more passion playing in d2





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