Sept 24th

Stonnall Phoenix   2:5   Wyrley Juniors Wolves

Tom P, Jack

Both teams came into the game having won their opening league fixture but it was Wyrley who left victorious after coming from behind.

Like last week’s game, the opening period was competitive but with few clear cut chances for either side. Mac and Ben worked hard up front to force an opening and Alfie controlled his area well. On 35 mins, however, after Roo had been forced off with a facial injury, the visitors took the lead and it looked like that would be the score at the interval but following a parried save and smother from Alfie, he quickly rolled the ball out to Jack. The ball was then fed to Ben who crossed for Tom to prod home for the deserved equaliser for 1:1.

Phoenix were buoyed by that added time goal and started the second half brightly and four minutes in forced a corner. Mac took it and Jack rose superbly to place a strong header into the roof of the net from six yards for his first goal for the club. 2:1.

Stonnall looked the better side at this point in the game and were controlling possession. Wyrley were posing little threat until their talented forward equalised at 2:2 in the 45th minute. There then followed two more goals for the visitors in the next four minutes put the game beyond the home side in what, until now, had been an even game. The dangerous forward then put a gloss on the scoreline for his hat trick after 63 minutes and apart from a Charlie free kick which whizzed past the post, Stonnall could do nothing to get back in the game which finished 2:5.

Stonnall Phoenix played well in patches but were punished for one or two mistakes which they will learn from. The lads always take defeat in the right manner and look to the next game with a positive mental attitude.

Report by Pete H


Message from the Manager

After the efforts in last week’s difficult game this ended in a lack lustre performance due to effort, commitment, positional awareness and communication.

Unless the communication comes from the side lines there is little from the pitch apart from the odd player.

This is something we have discussed and put into training methods but is still missing – it must change lads.


Made some great shot stopping from close range and could be heard giving instruction to his defence – as discussed this needs to made earlier please Alfie.

Direct balls over the top had Alfie caught in areas that should have been dealt with before the ball hit the box – lack of pressure on the player/ball is the answer.

Alfie, maybe in future position yourself just off your line narrowing the angle of a shot, this is harder for the striker to take than an empty net to put the ball over you. We’ll discuss in training.


Jack (RB) Dylan (CB) Tom (CB) Harry (LB)

Didn’t keep our line or moved forward when needed to, Jack was by far the quickest to respond and move up to leave an off-side but with me constantly calling to move up we were slow to respond.

Again we have talked about this for many weeks but still it’s happening. Can someone explain in training please?

From a long throw no one was dropping into the space behind allowing the striker to take this position resulting in three of their goals. Again, can someone explain in training please?

Just reminder; you cannot be off side from a throw in!


In the first 15 mins we seemed the better of the two lines, although we didn’t finish we seemed more creative through our playing patterns. We are not using the individual zonal areas to create in last third against LB and RB positions – we will discuss more in training.

At times we wanted more time on the ball than was allowed to distribute.

Tom broke well from midfield and after hitting the post his determination to continue gave him his goal – well done Tom for not giving up.

We are leaving more and more work to some and not sharing the load – we’ll discuss more in training.


Continuing to move Charlie from CM to striker is having adverse results.

We lose the playmaker from the midfield to not feed the striker from the midfield. Players explanation in training please.

We have to be stronger up front – touch, control and strength is alluding us at the moment – discuss in training.


Alfie is talking a lot more now which should be giving his defenders confidence through his instructions.

Jack was again superb – I can only see him improving in each game – a superbly delivered corner with a bullet header from Jack to give us a 2-1 lead.

Charlie continues to work from midfield to join up front with little or no support – discuss in training.

Lads you are all decent football players, this has been proven by winning the league in two consecutive seasons along with playing for runners up last season.

You have all made good personal player progression but seem to be forgetting the team work that’s required.


I have to pick Jack again for this.

I watched Jack make decisions of his own that benefitted his position without being instructed.

Made a number of tackles and a superb header for his first team goal – well done Jack keep up the good work!


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