The two friendlies that were played against Holy Name and Tipton were competitive and a good learning curve for the team. Although both games ended in defeats, a lot of positives can be taken.

Holy Name are U16s and the difference in age was noticeable but Phoenix never let their heads go down and came away proud to have competed against a very good team. Jack got our first goal of the season from Roo‘s corner with a well directed header climbing above the defence.

It was reward for a masterly performance from Jack who got up and down between the boxes tirelessly, helping the defence at one end and turning possession into attack at the other. For his performance he was Man of the Match.

The Tipton game was a better performance all round. Communication was excellent and the passing game was evident in possession. A couple of Tipton’s goals came from mistakes but the lads rallied and scored from a Charlie free kick when Benno followed in and beat the keeper to the rebound.

Snuffing out many Tipton attacks was Dylan who gave a towering performance at the heart of the Phoenix defence. When he wasn’t heading clear he was taking a touch to pass to a teammate or bringing the ball out of defence to start an attack. Dylan is awarded MOTM for this performance.

Report by Pete H.


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