About SJFC

Chairman: Pete Hatch
Pete has been with Stonnall for many years now in many roles – whether as a parent or as a volunteer for many roles either on the committee or as an assistant referee every weekend. Pete has taken on the role of Club Chairman from summer 2018.
Vice-Chair: Mike Coyne
Club Welfare Officer: Anita Edwards – welfare @stonnalljuniors.co.uk
Treasurer: Natalie Finney
Natalie Finney
Club Secretary: Mark Finney – clubsecretary @stonnalljuniors.co.uk

Mark is a parent of one of the Sporting players and volunteers at Stonnall Juniors FC as Club Secretary. He has a UEFA B in football and is working towards the same in futsal.
Shaun McKenzie is the coach of our Sporting Stonnall Under 13 team (2018/19) where he is assisted by Jim Bowker.

Wayne Davis is the manager and coach of our Stonnall Phoenix Under 15 team (2018/19).