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Message from the Chairman

This will be the fourth season of Stonnall Juniors, where has the time gone and where have all those little players gone?
We have three teams competing again this season in the WJYL.
I’m sure our teams and players will be very well encouraged and supported along with the opposition too.
Although the teams are in competitive leagues where honours and silver wear are up for grabs the most important thing is that the players enjoy their time playing.
Too many times, and still now players are put under immense pressure to perform with little or no enjoyment.
I’m sure this isn’t the case at Stonnall Juniors where the coaches know that happiness and enjoyment is paramount to player progression.
I’m sure you will all join me in wishing the players a successful, injury free and of course an enjoyable season for 2017/18.

Neil Richards
Chairman Stonnall Juniors FC

‘Kit on for Pudsey’ Day

reply from Children in Need

Dear Gaynor

Thank you for your kind donation of £52 to BBC Children in Need.

Your reference number is IA1CTBHFET4WWS808C44.

Your donation will help make a difference to disadvantaged children and young people in communities across the UK.

From money generously donated by the public, BBC Children in Need is able to make grants to voluntary groups, community projects and registered charities who offer practical lasting support to children and young people to help them have a childhood that is:

  • Safe
  • Happy and secure
  • Allows them the chance to reach their full potential

If you would like to find out about all the ways to help BBC Children in Need please visit our website at

There are also lots of ideas about how you can get involved with BBC Children in Need and how you can download a fundraising pack.

Thank you once again for your support.

Simon Antrobus
Chief Executive
BBC Children in Need


Tel: 0345 609 0015

BBC Children in Need company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales company number 04723022 and registered charity under number 802052 in England and Wales and SC039557 in Scotland. Registered address: Bridge House, Media City UK, Salford, M50 2BH

Kit on for Pudsey Day

On Sunday Nov 20th Stonnall Juniors U13 team, Stonnall Phoenix raised money for Children in Need for our first ‘Kit on for Pudsey Day’

The players’ parents and supporters were invited to wear an item of replica football kit, hat or scarf of their favourite football team in return for a donation of £1.00. Also, hot drinks and homemade cakes were sold to home and away supporters.

The total amount raised was £52.00.

Thank you to all the parents and supporters.


As you can see from the photo, Leeds United supporters nearly outnumbered those of Aston Villa. Indeed, even the Manager was an honorary Leeds fan for the day so he could experience supporting a big club!

Footgolf Day – 9th Oct

With no fixture today Stonnall Phoenix players, parents brothers and sisters enjoyed a round or two of foot golf with a little competition of course!

The scores went from very respectable to “I lost count” and any other excuse that could be thought of!
Well done to Mick, Squiggy’s uncle who made a hole in one (that’s the fella on the right in grey) Mick has promised to buy everyone a drink the next time all those in the picture are in the same room!
The weather was great, the company and laughter even greater, thank you to everyone for a great fun afternoon.


Our sponsored walk – not just technical/tactical!

Well done to everyone from Stonnall Juniors u11s who took part in our recent sponsored walk from Stonnall to Aldridge. Thankyou also to all the parent helpers which gave up a Friday night to help make this happen.
It was a great opportunity to ensure we continued to develop all parts of our four corner model. Image below courtesy of Matt Jones, FA Tutor.

Potential funding from Premier League & the FA Facilities Fund to help with winter training

Stonnall Juniors FC players - Sept. 2015

Stonnall Juniors FC players – Sept. 2015

As a Charter Standard club in its third year, Staffordshire FA have agreed that Stonnall Juniors Football Club should be put forward to the Football Foundation as being eligible for a Premier League & the FA Facilities Fund grant. This is done to help grassroots football clubs with participation and to help with costs. After considering what may best help a club like ours, there is a grant available to help with portable floodlights.

As a club, our biggest outlay is winter training and for our under 11s teams, this means midweek training at locations such as Perry Barr. The winter locations are driven not by locality, but by price and availability and Perry Barr was the best of a bad bunch of options last year. This has issues for those children in and around Stonnall as it is a relatively long journey on a school night and a significant number of them train far less through the winter as a result.

IMG-20160802-01138bSecuring this funding would enable the children to train at Stonnall Playing Fields during the winter. The main considerations are (a) the need to be considerate to residents’ properties and (b) careful management of the field to ensure that one area is not worn out in the winter months. We’ve listened to advice from Staffs FA and had a demonstration of a product from their preferred supplier. The suggested portable lights have no backlight and are highly portable – on the photograph you will see some yellow bags. The lights are designed to fold away so that they can be set up and taken away each training session. The lights are battery-driven, meaning that there is no generator noise.
We are proposing that our existing midweek training on Tuesday evenings at Stonnall could continue during the winter with these portable lights. Before we can accept any grant which is offered, we need to ensure that the residents of Stonnall are amenable with the idea. The portable floodlights are similar to those already used by Clare Agg at her fitness class on the field last winter. Looking forwards, we have discussed with Clare the possibility of her fitness class also using them on a Tuesday so that more people in the village benefit from their use.
benefits of sport for children
Money for juniors sports is extremely tight, so any help we can get to cut our winter training costs would help us immensely. We are currently struggling as a nation with childhood (and adult) obesity and sporting activities are a major step towards addressing this. We are also enjoying sporting success at the Olympics. These athletes must come from somewhere though, and we should do all we can to afford the younger generation sporting opportunities such as this one. Anything less would be remiss of us.
Update: 19 Aug 2016 – we received approval today for a grant of £1,200 from the Football Foundation and we are currently discussing proposed use of the portable lights with the Stonnall & Lynn Playing Fields Association.

FA Respect: ‘Set Your Stall Out’ Weekend

Stonnall Juniors FC are supporting the FA Respect: ‘Set Your Stall Out’ Weekend. Here are our U12s and U10s teams at training supporting the campaign. Please make the time to read the important message below.

FA Respect - Set Your Stall Out Weekend - Oct 2015

FA Respect – Set Your Stall Out Weekend – Oct 2015

FA Respect: 'Set Your Stall Out' Weekend - Oct 10/11th, 2015

FA Respect: ‘Set Your Stall Out’ Weekend – Oct 10th & 11th, 2015

Respect Weekend Resource Pack

Respect Weekend – Resource Pack