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Oct 8th

Punjab Utd   5:5   Stonnall Phoenix

Charlie 3, Mac, Louis

This dramatic match ended all square after an incredible fight back by Stonnall Phoenix.

The first fifteen minutes saw Phoenix press for an opening, playing attractive football and although Tom and Charlie both had efforts on goal, the visitors couldn’t find a breakthrough. In between, Punjab scored three break away goals to seemingly settle the game early on at 3:0.

From another break, Punjab had a chance to make it four but a spectacular flying save by Alfie onto the post, the ball running across the line and eventually to safety, would prove to be an unlikely turning point.

About halfway through the first half, Harry came on as a substitute and immediately put in a crunching sliding tackle, winning the ball, and this seemed to typify the fighting spirit of the whole team. Stonnall needed a way back into this game though and that eventually came through Charlie a minute before the interval. Following good pressure and a corner, the ball was played through by Zac and Charlie finished expertly to make the half time score 3:1.

Into the second half, Phoenix continued to press and try to find an opening but a foray forward from the Punjab centre back after 54 mins saw a long effort hit the back of the net for a 4:1 lead. However while they were celebrating, the referee blew to restart and Stonnall caught the home team out of position and when Charlie got round the back of the defence and crossed, Mac was on hand to slot the ball home for 4:2. The next two minutes saw another home goal before Stonnall once again reduced the score to two behind when Charlie hit a powerful free kick which the keeper couldn’t hold and Louis pounced on the rebound to make it 5:3.

Then in the 59th minute, Charlie scored from another free kick. Phoenix really had the momentum now and two minutes before time, after Alfie had made another save, Charlie completed a deserved hat trick when he collected a pass from Louis and slotted the ball past the goalkeeper. The players and supporters celebrated the equaliser like it was a winner and in fact there was still time for Louis to come within a whisker of connecting with a cross, but the breathless game ended 5:5.

It was a deserved point from an exciting game and the lads showed great character and a never-say-die attitude to come from three goals behind. Every player had some part to play and can be very proud of what they achieved from a difficult position.

Report by Pete H.

Message from the Manager

Firstly I would like to offer thanks to Punjab Utd for making us welcome. It was a game thoroughly enjoyed by both sets of supporters and the game was played with great respect by both teams of players.

This was a great test of character for us, to go down 3 – 0 in 15 minutes wasn’t the start we talked about prior to kick off.

3 -1 at half time we still felt in the game, 4 -1 we were three goals behind again and 5-2 still three goals behind but you battled hard against a very fair, honest and well drilled team who had some quick players to end it a 5 -5 draw and we could have nicked it 6 -5 right at the death.

I have to say at 3 down in 15 I thought we were going to suffer a heavy defeat but absolute credit to you lads for proving me wrong, the subs were instrumental coming on and off throughout the game.

With Louis coming on and looking more confident than late he gave something else in attack.


Fantastic shot stopping to deny further goals for sure, the tip onto the cross bar was top drawer mate.

Just one thing – even if you think a shot is going over or wide make sure you cover it!


I’m not sure what is going on at the moment lads. All mistakes are learning curves but we don’t seem to be learning and we’re still making the same mistakes!

You as a defence need to talk and you also need to give the coaches input when we talk to you.

Harry – loads better in determination and some great honest hard tackles to show for it, to be nominated for a MOTM award by Charlie – you must have played well, keep it up now Harry.

Zack – same as Harry great determined tackles just like we talked about in training – keep it up Zack its looking good.

Dylan/Tom we seem have lost confidence in the middle at the moment – we are clearly not communicating with each other, with RB, LB or Alfie. As we discussed when one challenge,s one drops behind but we didn’t, resulting in both of you chasing behind from a flat line. More to discuss but we’ll get there – heads up!


Battled very well in the middle with Jack and Ennis alongside Charlie this looked our strongest central line for some time.

Jack again showed great energy and Ennis with his strength allowed Charlie to be more creative – three good ingredients in the centre of the pitch. Just remember if and when you lose the ball be more responsive to get back quicker.


Mac started as a lone striker with five across the middle, Mac made his usual endless runs but was running for balls he was unlikely to get on the end of sometimes with a lack of early support from midfield – I’ll explain how to make the most of a lone striker in training.

Louis came on for the second half linking up well with Charlie on his inside and also made a clever move outside to get the ball into the box early for another of our five well – earned goals.

Both Mac and Louis showed determination but needed more support – someone remind me to discuss in training.

Sedgy had a good strong half and continually talked to his defence, however when he went off it fell silent.

A parent behind me also commented that you don’t talk to each other or instruct each other half as much as the other teams!

If the league was won on showing gritty character, determination and effort you would be league winners from this game. It goes to show it’s never over until it’s over!


We had 4 in this game –

Charlie for driving his team on with a hat trick, Jack again for his role in midfield moving from defence, Zack for more of his determination and finally Harry who was actually nominated by Charlie for listening and crunching tackles in the midfield line that we had talked about.

Well done to all of you – as usual MOTM awards will be given out at the Players Christmas Dinner for the first half the season.

We have a two week break now due to free week and half term.

Our next game is HOME to Rising Stars

Training this Saturday will be 10.30 till 12 with no training or game the weekend after.


Oct 1st

Stonnall Phoenix   2:3   Wolverhampton Utd

Charlie, Louis

Wolverhampton won this tight match with a late winner following a fightback by Stonnall Phoenix.

Both sides started the game testing each other’s defences with the Stonnall dominating the play. Charlie had come close with a free kick and Tom, Ben  and Mac all had chances but found a very good goalkeeper in the way. Phoenix also forced a number of corners but it just wouldn’t fall for the home side.

in the 20th minute, Wolverhampton struck from their first corner for 0:1. Despite Phoenix’s dominance the score remained in favour of the away side at half time.

After the break, Stonnall continued to search for the equaliser whilst Wolverhampton were reduced to a more direct form of play and it was one of these balls over the defence that lead to their second goal for a 0:2 lead in the 39th minute.

Two minutes later however, Stonnall were deservedly back in the game. Charlie rifled a free kick into the net for 1:2 and indeed could have equalised with another free kick from the edge of the centre circle which rattled the bar. Phoenix pressed for an equaliser and eventually it came in the 61st minute when the determined Charlie got free down the right wing and crossed into the box for Louis to sweep a first time half volley into the net for 2:2.

Four minutes later though, Wolverhampton were ahead again following a long ball through the middle. This time Phoenix couldn’t find another goal and the game finished 2:3 to Wolverhampton.

Although the points went to the visitors, Stonnall Phoenix can take positives from the game to take forward. Louis scored a well taken goal for his first for Phoenix and new signing Ennis had a stylish debut in midfield.

Report by Pete H.

Message from the Manager

Before I comment on the game itself I would like to commend the lads themselves on their attitude and impeccable behaviour after the touchline incident.

If the game was won or lost on merit of Respect then our lads would be top of the league.

The game itself was again a frustrating game to watch considering the work you do in the training sessions, however I’m sure it’s going to click and all the preparation will fall into place.


We have to be more definite in our decision making.

Starting point still isn’t right for the depth of play allowing space behind the CD for the opposition who at the moment seem to be sending spy’s to our games – everyone is playing long balls over our line of defence!

We will discuss more in training.

Great shot stopping from close range again and quick off your line at feet.


Better line than previous games. Dylan seemed more like his old self without the pressure felt as captain which is a huge boost for the team.

A few times we got caught forward leaving us out of position – remember if you go forward you must do more to stop the opposition progressing behind.


Worked hard generally throughout then game need to do more to offer ourselves to receive the ball from the defence.

More work as usual in training lads – sure we can sort it the little things out.

Good debut from Ennis who offered some strength in the middle.


Need to come off your playing line to receive the ball when playing against a tight defence.

We have worked on this in training – again more work to do to gain its effects.

Overall  we deserved something from this game unfortunately we just couldn’t find it!


Sept 24th

Stonnall Phoenix   2:5   Wyrley Juniors Wolves

Tom P, Jack

Both teams came into the game having won their opening league fixture but it was Wyrley who left victorious after coming from behind.

Like last week’s game, the opening period was competitive but with few clear cut chances for either side. Mac and Ben worked hard up front to force an opening and Alfie controlled his area well. On 35 mins, however, after Roo had been forced off with a facial injury, the visitors took the lead and it looked like that would be the score at the interval but following a parried save and smother from Alfie, he quickly rolled the ball out to Jack. The ball was then fed to Ben who crossed for Tom to prod home for the deserved equaliser for 1:1.

Phoenix were buoyed by that added time goal and started the second half brightly and four minutes in forced a corner. Mac took it and Jack rose superbly to place a strong header into the roof of the net from six yards for his first goal for the club. 2:1.

Stonnall looked the better side at this point in the game and were controlling possession. Wyrley were posing little threat until their talented forward equalised at 2:2 in the 45th minute. There then followed two more goals for the visitors in the next four minutes put the game beyond the home side in what, until now, had been an even game. The dangerous forward then put a gloss on the scoreline for his hat trick after 63 minutes and apart from a Charlie free kick which whizzed past the post, Stonnall could do nothing to get back in the game which finished 2:5.

Stonnall Phoenix played well in patches but were punished for one or two mistakes which they will learn from. The lads always take defeat in the right manner and look to the next game with a positive mental attitude.

Report by Pete H


Message from the Manager

After the efforts in last week’s difficult game this ended in a lack lustre performance due to effort, commitment, positional awareness and communication.

Unless the communication comes from the side lines there is little from the pitch apart from the odd player.

This is something we have discussed and put into training methods but is still missing – it must change lads.


Made some great shot stopping from close range and could be heard giving instruction to his defence – as discussed this needs to made earlier please Alfie.

Direct balls over the top had Alfie caught in areas that should have been dealt with before the ball hit the box – lack of pressure on the player/ball is the answer.

Alfie, maybe in future position yourself just off your line narrowing the angle of a shot, this is harder for the striker to take than an empty net to put the ball over you. We’ll discuss in training.


Jack (RB) Dylan (CB) Tom (CB) Harry (LB)

Didn’t keep our line or moved forward when needed to, Jack was by far the quickest to respond and move up to leave an off-side but with me constantly calling to move up we were slow to respond.

Again we have talked about this for many weeks but still it’s happening. Can someone explain in training please?

From a long throw no one was dropping into the space behind allowing the striker to take this position resulting in three of their goals. Again, can someone explain in training please?

Just reminder; you cannot be off side from a throw in!


In the first 15 mins we seemed the better of the two lines, although we didn’t finish we seemed more creative through our playing patterns. We are not using the individual zonal areas to create in last third against LB and RB positions – we will discuss more in training.

At times we wanted more time on the ball than was allowed to distribute.

Tom broke well from midfield and after hitting the post his determination to continue gave him his goal – well done Tom for not giving up.

We are leaving more and more work to some and not sharing the load – we’ll discuss more in training.


Continuing to move Charlie from CM to striker is having adverse results.

We lose the playmaker from the midfield to not feed the striker from the midfield. Players explanation in training please.

We have to be stronger up front – touch, control and strength is alluding us at the moment – discuss in training.


Alfie is talking a lot more now which should be giving his defenders confidence through his instructions.

Jack was again superb – I can only see him improving in each game – a superbly delivered corner with a bullet header from Jack to give us a 2-1 lead.

Charlie continues to work from midfield to join up front with little or no support – discuss in training.

Lads you are all decent football players, this has been proven by winning the league in two consecutive seasons along with playing for runners up last season.

You have all made good personal player progression but seem to be forgetting the team work that’s required.


I have to pick Jack again for this.

I watched Jack make decisions of his own that benefitted his position without being instructed.

Made a number of tackles and a superb header for his first team goal – well done Jack keep up the good work!


Sept 17th

Bloxwich Rangers   3:4   Stonnall Phoenix

Charlie 4

This game at Willenhall Memorial Park was the teams’ first league game of the season and it was the visitors who won a pulsating match in the last minute.

The first 25 mins was cagey, played mostly in Bloxwich’s half and gave few chances with defences on top. Stonnall looked dangerous forcing a number of corners, but couldn’t find the breakthrough.

Then, out of nowhere, four goals were shared over the next five minutes. Firstly, a Bloxwich striker squeezed a shot inside the post for the lead.  Three minutes later, though, Charlie sent an arial free kick into the net for an immediate equaliser and then got on the end of a superb ball out of defence by Captain Dylan, lobbing the onrushing keeper for 1:2. Stonnall couldn’t hold on to the lead, however, and conceded the equaliser in the 30th minute.

It had been an exciting end to the half puncuated with offsides and free kicks and the visitors would have been the more disappointed to be drawing at half time.

Phoenix continued to show more quality in the second half and took the lead once more when Charlie, constantly causing the home side problems with his driving runs, took a pass from Louis and although he was being challenged, got the ball out from his feet to rifle it into the bottom corner for 2:3.

With the lead, Stonnall looked to make the game safe and although Charlie had a couple of free kicks whistle over the bar from distance and Tom saw his shot hit a post after a good run, the home side also enjoyed their best period of the game. A spectacular save from Alfie, goal line clearances and last ditch tackles kept the lead intact until Bloxwich were given a penalty with five minutes left from which they scored to equalise 3:3.

It looked like two points dropped for Phoenix but whilst some Bloxwich players lost their discipline, the Stonnall lads kept calm and were rewarded when Charlie’s mazy right wing run was ended unfairly in the area. The hat trick hero himself stepped up and scored from the spot in injury time to seal a hard fought win.

Stonnall Phoenix played without any available substitutes and with the phrenetic nature of the game, all the lads gave their all in effort and concentration in the face of difficult opposition and came out deserved winners.

Report by Pete H.

Message from the Manager

First league game won!

A huge pat on the back for all the players for this game.
You worked tirelessly against a physical and sometimes hostile team showing determination and character to battle through what will be one of if not the hardest games you’ll play this season.

After our discussion and training session on Saturday we pressed hard but could have done more to restrict play.

Although Bloxwich had several big strong players they didn’t have it all their own way with our hard working midfielders and defence battling had with them and breaking up play.

In goal:
Alfie made several fantastic saves the last should have been captured on camera – what a save!
Clearly heard shouting at his defenders, maybe more instruction of a different kind now Alfie.
We’ll discuss at training.

Looked solid with Jack, who again was impressive alongside Dylan with Sedgy and Harry either side at RB & LB. Sedgy made some timely tackles by being in the correct position to start with and Harry at left back made several brave tackles, Harry it was good to see you scanning more whilst moving into a defensive position. A little more instruction to the left wing would help.

Worked hard with Charlie and Tom sat central with Ru and Zack playing RW & LW.
It was hard work in the middle against some robust lads but kudos to you lads for not giving up in what must have been very tiring.
Tom took a hard knock to the knee in what was definitely a booking which reduced him to tears but Tom being Tom he was soon back on and mixing it again.

Hard work against a couple of big lads who had some pace too.
Mac and not 100% fit Louie worked hard with a few slim chances in front of them, Louie you showed a lot more determination and more interest in the game, take confidence from this and build on it.
Mac made his endless runs just running out of steam to get his shot away.

Charlie to Striker – Mac to midfield.
Mac’s instruction was to feed Charlie from midfield and it worked.
Three strong runs and clinical finishes along with a late penalty gave Charlie the four goals to win 4-3.

Lads, if you show this determination, strength and character along with starting to play the football you can play, you should be worthy of something from the season.
With no subs no one could take a rest – that’s hard work in itsself.

It would be easy to award Charlie MOTM for his four goals, it would be easy to award it to Alfie for the saves he made to keep his team in the game, or to Tom for getting back on the pitch when injured, or maybe Harry for doing what I asked of him plus several brave tackles.
But with thought I think with no subs and a great team spirit you are all awarded MOTM.

Very well done lads – I hope you’re being pampered this afternoon!





Sept 10th

Stonnall Phoenix   3:5   Cresswell Wanderers Colts

Harry, Mac, Charlie

In Stonnall’s first competitive match this season, it was Cresswell who triumphed in a see-saw cup game.

Stonnall Phoenix welcomed Rhys (Roo), Tom and Jack in their first competitive game for their new team but it was the away side who took control with two goals after 6 and 14 mins.

Although Phoenix had the majority of the possession, Cresswell were the more dangerous on the break. It was important for Stonnall to get one goal back before half time and it came in the 34th minute from one of many corners taken by Roo, the ball running loose where Harry rifled it into the roof of the net. 1:2 at half time.

Stonnall continued to press after the break and were rewarded with the equaliser when Mac was on hand to follow up a Charlie shot after 45 mins. At 2:2 it looked like the momentum was with the home side and indeed Roo and Charlie were unlucky not to score.  Four minutes later, though, Cresswell made a break to score and then added to it 6 mins later to make it 2:4.

With the game seemingly beyond Stonnall, the home side won a corner and from Tom’s left footed inswinger, Charlie timed a hooked volley perfectly to reduce the deficit to 3:4.

Phoenix were pressing for an equaliser but another break sealed the result in favour of Cresswell when they scored their fifth goal in the last minute to make the final score 3:5.

With a number of things to work on, the boys can take heart from not giving up and battling back twice in a game which could have gone either way.

Report by Pete H.

Message from the Manager

This was a game in far contrast from the friendly with St. Georges.

Firstly we must welcome the three new signings Jack, Rhys and Tom who all had a decent first game for Stonnall Phoenix.

It was disappointing to go a goal down from a ball played over the top of our back three that we had to chase down towards our own goal*

It seemed from that point we struggled to take control of the ball with little or no concentration at the back offering further opportunities to Cresswell only for Alfie to deny with point blank saves or out to feet to smother the chances.

This pattern continued and with another ball played down the right side channel after being lost in midfield, Cresswell managed to get a shot away that went through/under Alfie for 2-0**

To take a positive view of this, in previous games we would’ve let our heads drop but we showed character and battled on to get a goal back when Harry turned and hit the roof of the net from a corner to go in 2-1 down at half time.

The chat at half time was very positive and responsive from everyone, unfortunately we set about the second half with no pressing of the ball and no restriction whatsoever – very disappointed with this!

Moving Charlie from midfield to a more forward position gave us more strength and threat near goal but we lost that strength in the middle – last season we relied on a number of players, this season we cannot do the same.

From a determined run and shot from Charlie which was blocked, Mac followed Charlie up to grab the rebound and make it 2-2. Well done everyone for bringing the game back.

Rhys was put through with a neat ball from Charlie but with pressure from behind he couldn’t capitalise on it***

Cresswell piled on more pressure and quickly went ahead again after Jack first dealt with the attack but lost out with a lucky bounce of the ball going in Cresswells favour to allow another low shot for 3 -2.

With us battling to control our own passes and make opportunities Cresswell played down our left channel to get a ball across the goal for 4-2****

From a corner Charlie tucked away a neat close range volley for 4-3, again showing great character.

Cresswells 5th came from practically nothing that we didn’t deal with allowing a free strike on goal.

Final score 5-3.

*Alfie. A better starting point from you would’ve given you the benefit of a quicker reaction to be out of your box and deal with the ball over the top.

We have spoken about this a few times – we’ll discuss further and put a drill into practice in training.

**Alfie. It was unfortunate to be beaten from such close range and at such an angle – at times like this you must stay on your feet and keep your post closed off, again well discuss further and remonstrate.

***Rhys. Although you didn’t put your chance away the positive was there and the chance created, I’m sure you will have many more opportunities to get your first goal, the most important thing is to keep going and not let one chance ruin others that may come your way.

****Zack. After the ball was played down the left side channel you gave good chase to track the player, however you cannot allow a player to get across you and more importantly not let the ball into our box! We will discuss further and remonstrate. Harry, Zack tracked a player into your left back position, there was no support for Zack from you physically or vocally.

After many discussions and drills in pressing and restricting the touch line had to constantly mention this throughout the game, some seem to be struggling to control a ball or bring it under control.

We have to concentrate a lot more and be stronger in tackles.

I hope we can put the wrongs right and move forward and show our supporters the real Stonnall Phoenix.


I am awarding two MOTM awards this week; Charlie for driving determination and encouragement throughout and to Jack for the way he stuck to his position with communication and working well with Dylan in his first game.

Well done Charlie and Jack.




Sept 4th and 6th friendlies

Stonnall Phoenix   0:5   Tipton Youth

Stonnall Phoenix   5:1   St Georges

Tom 3, DJ, Charlie


Phoenix kicked off the season with two friendlies against challenging opposition.

Tipton, who shared in three close games last season with Stonnall were too strong this time out having already played four friendlies before this evening match. They were quicker and stronger and looked to have added some quality signings.

We wish them well in Division 1 this season.

Two days later, however, Stonnall Phoenix won handsomely against St Georges from the Lichfield League.

The visitors got off to a good start and took the lead on 3 mins. Stonnall then settled and started to play better with good possession and four minutes into the second half, a shot was saved by the opposition keeper but fell to new signing Tom who slotted home for the equaliser.

Phoenix continued to press and work for each other. DJ was making his trademark right wing runs and his snap shot deflected off a defender to give Stonnall the lead in the 52nd minute. Then four minutes later the home side extended the lead with the move of the match. A quick thinking Alfie released the ball to Jack, making his debut at right back, who passed the ball down the line for Rhys to run on to. The new signing then managed a suberb stretching cross to the back post for Tom who made no mistake for his second of the match to make it 3:1.

The game was more stretched now and the visitors looked to be tiring and in the 63rd minute, Charlie won the ball in midfield and fed it through to Tom who completed his hat trick with a confident strike from the edge of the area. There was still time for Charlie to add a fifth when the space opened up in front of goal inviting the midfielder to shoot, which he did unerringly in the 66th minute to complete the game with a 5:1 victory.

We wish St Georges a good season in the Lichfield League.

Overall, the two friendlies were a good competitive test for the lads including five debutants and showed a progression to give the team confidence going into the new season.

Message from the Manager

It’s good to be back!!
With a well deserved break over the summer holidays the lads are now back in training with two friendlies played and the cobwebs well and truly blown off.

Tipton Youth 5
Stonnall Phoenix 0

This game was Tipton’s 5th friendly, and they let us know about it!
We barely got in gear in the first half but from some bad will come some good…..
Second half saw a more competitive edge to us but far from the football the lads can play.
On behalf of Stonnall Phoenix I would like to wish Tipton very best wishes for their season ahead in D1.

St. Georges 1
Stonnall Phoenix 5

This was our second friendly and as I said previously from some bad will come some good.
The lads played a little more like themselves, sharing some early chances with St Goerges taking the early lead.
After the break the lads went about their business with determination pressing and restricting very well.
Three new players were on show; Tom, Rhys and Jack, all did themselves proud and will be a a great asset to team as they progress and settle down, none more so than Tom who bagged himself a hatrick!
DJ also got the score sheet from close range with a little deflection and Charlie chipped in with his usual thunder bolt from around 25yds.
No Tom (Crusher) and new player Freddie (injuries) the lads shared good pitch time.

The season ahead will again be challenging, narrowly missing out on promotion last season the lads have a feel for it again this year.
Let’s get behind them and give them the support they so well deserve, although we want our lads to get the result they want please give support and applause to the opposition.
Remember, encouragement and praise can be priceless to some no matter who it comes from.

Have a great injury free, enjoyable and hopefully successful season lads. Your Sunday game starts at training on Saturdays! 👍🏻⚽



Match Report – May 7th

Newby Lions   4:2   Stonnall Phoenix

Jack, Mac

The last match of the season for these teams would mean the winner was guaranteed second position in Div 2 and it was Newby Lions who came out on top.

The home side went ahead in the 11th minute when the diminutive forward wriggled free and scored for 1:0. But Stonnall played the more attractive football and just three minutes later were rewarded with the equaliser when Dylan headed a Squiggy corner goalwards and after a scramble the ball bounced to Jacko who made no mistake for 1:1.

The remainder of the half was competitively played with chances for both sides but at half time it was finely poised.

The start of the second half was dominated by Phoenix playing some attractive passing football but, playing on the break, the Newby forward got free of his marker and scored their second to make the score 2:1 after 46 mins.

Stonnall went in search of the equaliser and played a number of good through balls for Mac to run onto but the hosts’ defence were quick to snuff out any trouble.

Following one such attack after 58 mins, a Newby winger found space and ran in on goal to give the home side a cushion at 3:1. Stonnall came back though and three minutes later after good work by Jacko on the right, he hooked the ball into the six yard box and the ever willing Mac was able to finish to reward his hard work. That made the score 3:2 and gave the visitors a chance to at least share the points, although Newby would have the advantage of a superior goal difference.

The great effort in pressing forwards inevitably left gaps at the back and Newby Lions sealed the game with a long distance strike in the 63rd minute and the game finished 4:2.

The game and the all important points went to Newby and they finish as runners up to Tipton Youth. Stonnall Phoenix having just missed out on the top two can be proud of the performances in this the first season in Div 2 after two successive promotions and can look forward to continued success next season.