Data Protection


The Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) regulates the processing of information relating to individuals, this includes the obtaining, holding, using or disclosing of such information and covers computerised records as well as a manual filling system and card indexes.
Stonnall Juniors Football Club (SJFC) will hold the minimum personal information necessary to enable it to perform its function and to administer, in respect of each member his/her football activity at the club and in any activities in which he/she participates through the club.
SJFC will request members to provide information at point of registration through the membership form, medical consent form and equality monitoring form and at other times dependant on special events and activities and therefore the information requested will vary depending on the reason for the collection. The information provided includes, but is not limited to, name, age, home address, telephone numbers & email address and medical details.
All such information is confidential and needs to be treated with care to comply with this law. It is therefore the policy of (SJFC) to comply with the Data Protection principles of good practice which underpin the Act these state:
1. Members will be made aware of the reasons why we require personal information to be collected and have consented to its collection and use. This will be done by a statement printed on any document where SJFC requires members to provide any personal information.
2. All personal information relating to individuals will be fairly and lawfully processed and used in maintaining an accurate data base of members’ categories. This information will only be used to further the aims and objectives of SJFC in maintaining a members’ data base for, communicating with all members and having access to any relevant medical information that may be required in the event of an emergency situation and for no other reason.
3. This information will be processed for limited purposes as outlined above.
4. All information held will be adequate, relevant but not excessive.
5. Information will be as accurate and as up to date as possible. In conjunction with paying an annual membership fee, members are asked to complete a membership form on an annual basis to ensure that member’s personal information is up to date.
During the interim period, In the event that there is a change to a member’s personal information for example their contact details, the team manager must be informed. It is their responsibility to ensure the Club Secretary is informed ASAP to ensure all Club records are maintained as accurately as possible.
6. Information will only be kept as necessary and will be removed and destroyed when a member leaves the club for any reason
7. Personal information will be processed in accordance with the individual’s rights.
8. All personal information on members of the club will be dealt with professionally and kept subject to appropriate security measures as outlined in section 9.
9. This includes all personal data that is stored electronically being either encrypted or if stored on a personal computer MUST be PASSWORD PROTECTED. Data held on paper records (team managers’ files containing telephone numbers, medical conditions and allergies of players etc) MUST be kept secure at all times and only divulged to those persons who have a need to know.
10. All personal data held by the club on a member must and will be freely accessible for that member to view as outlined below.
11. Information will not be transferred outside the European, Economic, Area (EEU) Individual’s Rights to Access Personal Information.
Under the Act you are allowed to ask the club for information it holds about you as an individual. If you wish to make an enquiry about yourself you can do so in writing to the Club Chairman. You will then have to provide proof of identity once this has been done the club will respond to a request within 40 days. Should a member feel they are being denied access to personal information they are entitled to, or feel the information has not been handled according to the principles above, they can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office for help. SJFC and all those members who process, or use personal data must ensure that they abide by these principles at all times. Those that have access to or process data relating to young people Under 18 will undertake an Enhanced CRB check. This policy has been developed to ensure this happens.

In the event of a medical issue or child protection issues arising, the club may disclose certain information to doctors or other medical specialists and/or to police, children’s social care, the courts and/or probation officers and potentially to legal and other advisers involved in an investigation.