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Competition: Spring Cup

Date:               3rd April 2016

Centre:            Aldridge Airport

K/O:                10.00am

Stonnall Phoenix 1:2 Wyrley Juniors Panthers

 A closely fought cup match saw Stonnall narrowly beaten by Wyrley.

The match, which was excellently refereed throughout, started with both teams enjoying attacking possession whilst defending solidly. This was exemplified after 12 mins when a looping shot from a Wyrley forward was acrobatically hooked off the line by Sedgy.

 The resulting corner, however, was played in low to the six yard box and was met first by a Wyrley player who poked home for 1:0

 The opposition were now enjoying quality pressure whilst Stonnall Phoenix were playing mainly on the break. One of these breaks had Squiggy make a left wing run and put in a quality ball across the area which Mac was inches away from getting an outstretched boot on. Benno then came on and immediately caused problems for the Wyrley defence with his characteristically bustling runs.

The Phoenix defence of Sedgy, Zac and Harry was well disciplined and with Pembo’s good handling and particularly a spectacular save, the opposition found it difficult to add to their advantage whilst on top.

In the second half,  Stonnall had greater possession and Mac, who had dropped back to a forward midfield role, was holding and linking up play very well. Following a few half chances for Stonnall, Wyrley gained possession in midfield and their forward ran through and shot from distance. The ball unluckily crept over the line to make the score 2:0.

 The Phoenix lads’ heads never went down and they continued to play attractive flowing football which was finally rewarded with two minutes left when a ball into the opposition box was flicked on by Squiggy and Mac shot past the goalkeeper for a well deserved goal to make the final score 2:1 to Wyrley Juniors Panthers.

There are many positives to take from this game as the lads competed equally for much of the match with a team from Div 1 and we look forward to the next match in the Spring Cup.

Report by Pete H.



Message from the Manager

MOTM was awarded to Charlie by Wyrley Panthers manager.

The result doesn’t show the true picture of the game, with respect to Wyrley Panthers we were very unlucky to come out of this game with anything less than a draw.

Apart from the last 10 minutes of the first half it wasn’t evident of the difference in leagues. The second half saw us very evenly matched creating a number of good chances and equally defended well.

More great positives from a narrow defeat – in training this week we did a thorough heading exercise – in today’s game we competed in the air and won a majority of the balls with a name on it!! Several weeks ago we wouldn’t have done this.

We also played with several players out of position or tried another position. Well done to those lads, by doing this you will gain the vision/challenges of those who play there regularly.

Tempo was up today from previous games, continuation of what we are doing will pay dividends, regardless of the score these cup games are also being used by myself and Wayne as measurement of where we are and what’s needed for next season. Much more of the same will be fine!

Well done lads.
Neil & Wayne
Captain’s comment
For some parts of the game we were in full control, we created some good chances and defended well when we had to. What we did in training with the headers we did in the game with screaming our name like we’d been asked to do.

The result wasn’t fair because we played as good as Wyrley all game.

Head up Pembo you hardly make a mistake, today you made some great saves again.
Well done Harry, Squiggy and Mac for playing in other positions.



Stonnall Juniors U10s – our week off…

This week saw our U10s have a week off ‘traditional’ football training…
Tuesday training was replaced with some sprint mechanics work at the Alexander Stadium and Friday night was our pizza/match footage night. Good luck also to Aidan this weekend for his WBA trial.

Our 'week off'

Our ‘week off’


Hat trick – Stonnall Juniors Under 10s

Sunday 28 February 2016

2016-02-28 11.27.36

Well done to Joseph who scored his first hat trick today for the Stonnall Juniors U10s team. One of the goals started with Bryn winning possession for us deep on the right. Bryn then played through Louis who put Joseph through to score. Good team play, gentlemen! One goal was also a great individual effort, scoring from wide on the right with a well hit shot into the bottom left corner.

Well done all –


U12s match report: Cresswell Wanderers 0 Stonnall Juniors 1

Cresswell Wanderers 0 Stonnall Juniors 1 (Charlie)
MOTM – this was a difficult award to give to anyone, after much thought of the game I have decided to give it to the the three lads who did exactly what they worked on in training, our defenders on the day Ethan, Tom and Zak. Well done lads due to your hard work, communication and positional awareness James had one save to make.
This was a good game of football played well by both teams. With respect to Cresswell I think we deserved the result with a late goal from Charlie.
We battled hard and created great chances, Squiggy and DJ made endless recovery runs and doubled up with their wing backs.
Well done lads on another great result.
See you Saturday at Oak Park Leisure Ctr 10 till 12
Neil & Wayne

U12s Match report: Stonnall Juniors 3 – 3 Brownhills Community Colts

Stonnall Juniors 3 goals from Sedgy, Charlie, DJ
Brownhills Community Colts 3

MOTM awarded to DJ – well done DJ great work when you came and a great finish to get on the score sheet.
Firstly I would like to give credit to the referee who was absolutely tremendous. He managed the game superbly (and some parents) he spoke to the players throughout the game – even speaking to them by name, this was a true spectacle of what’s required from a referee. Maybe the wjyl need to use this ref as mentor for others!
This was a game of events. Each of which are part of learning.

From going a goal down we showed great character and got the equaliser from Sedgy, from then on we dominated the game and went 2-1 up with another wonder strike from Charlie. With credit to Brownhills they didn’t give up against the run of play and equalised 2-2.

Again we ventured in front with neat cross from Benno for little DJ to come flying in with a cracking volley 3-2.
Again we dominated and came close on a number of chances, with a few minutes to go Brownhills won a free kick just outside of our box – great free kick fell under the bar 3-3.

This was a great game of football and with respect to the young Brownhills lads they battled well and all shook hands in the middle afterwards. One vocal parent thought it fair to shout that Stonnall had dropped two point’s – RESPECT and CODE OF CONDUCT comes to mind!! Few things to discuss at training on Saturday lads but well done to you all.

Stonnall parents please note; Although Gaynor kindly carries out the paperwork duties for each and every game she does not pick the team, or have any say in it whatsoever, nor do any parents. If anyone has any issues with the selection made or the pitch time of any individuals please speak to me not question Gaynor.

FOR FUTURE GAMES CAN ALL SUBSTITUTES PLEASE STAND BEHIND THE RESPECT BARRIER WITH CLUB JACKET ON AND VIEW THE GAME, NOT SPEND TIME OUT OF SITE KICKING FOOTBALLS AROUND. Over the last several weeks we have lost or had stolen from games 5 footballs. Lads please put your footballs in your bags for safe keeping.

Thanks for continued support its greatly appreciated.

See you Saturday 10am
Neil & Wayne

Stonnall Juniors U10s – December update

Stonnall Juniors U10s

Stonnall Juniors U10s

The *real* Santa (not Mark).

The *real* Santa (not Mark).

December has been a great month socially: we had our Xmas party for the players as well as the parents’ night out which turned into an unexpected fundraiser…

In terms of our football, we continued to work on our theme of Support and Movement before spending time working at two extremes of the practice spectrum – first on technical unopposed drills making much use of both feet – after which we did an entire session of “just matches” (in reality, Whole-Part-Whole). There was only one weekend of league fixtures, where we had two lacklustre draws which gave us the opportunity to review our effort-based team motto. We also played our first 9-a-side friendly in readiness for next year – a great game with Four Oaks which was settled by just one goal to the visitors in an hour-long match. The 9-a-side format helped us appreciate new aspects of the game and we’ll aim to play more 9v9 pretty soon (January 9th – watch this space!).

Our objectives for the season remain the same:
1. Improve our ball mastery, esp. use of both feet;
2. Improve game understanding & ability to play multiple positions.

I mention our objectives as our results in the first half of the season have been pleasing. However, we should not make our results the be-all-and-end-all. They are secondary to our objectives for individual and team improvement. That said, and keeping things firmly in perspective, our season-on-season comparison shows progress:

this year last year

The statistic which has helped us most though is this one:


That is the number of games we lost last season. The players – and parents – who have persevered have benefitted from adopting a longer-term perspective. “The winner is the loser who evaluates defeat properly“*. By reflecting on what we can improve, the players – who are, let’s not forget, children – are developing their psychological resilience. We have a group of nine and ten-year-olds who are learning to discuss amongst themselves their individual mistakes – while retaining some emotional control. In terms of growth mindsets, our team environment reflects work such as that of Carol Dweck and fits in with the Building Learning Habits work which some of the players are doing at school. In terms of our team ethos, this article captures the essence of it far more eloquently than I ever could.

There is one statistic which I will be looking now. It is the average number of passes after a goalkick. My rationale for this is that it encapsulates what we should be looking for in terms of individual and team ability (again, Doug Lemov’s article covers this well) in one easy-to-measure indicator. That figure, if anything, is the be-all-and-end-all. Not the final result.

Have a great Christmas!


[*Colm O’Connell, Kenyan Athletics coach]

Sporting Stonnall U10s – November/December Report

A really positive two months for the team. We achieved our goal of winning two matches on a Sunday with the prize to take place in the New Year. Even better were the two clean sheets which are difficult to achieve in Youth football.

Sporting Stonnall U10s

Sporting Stonnall U10s

To compare to September we drew/won 20% of our matches in November/December that percentage had risen to 40%. That is a really positive achievement. Let’s aim for 50% in January.

November at Leamore was an excellent effort from the players and we had several comments from fellow coaches, spectators and referees about how much the team had improved and their never give up attitude to matches win, lose or draw.

We have had new players: Arthur and Harry and both had added something extra to the team in terms of defence and attack.

As always I am proud of all the players particularly the numbers who turn up for training either on a Tuesday or a Saturday. Even more so those who can make it on both days. The level of commitment has been superb and I want the boys to understand that you need to put effort into anything in life to achieve your goals.

As a team we need to keep working on our defence and making sure we press quickly as well as attacking with pace and continuing to create and take our chances. We are on the right path.

Finally great to see the boys have such a good time at the Christmas social. Their behaviour was excellent and this is an important part of being a team learning to get on with people. Thanks again to Janet and Jim for organising the event.

An extra special thanks to Jim for stepping up as an extra coach, organising man of the match and being a sounding board for ideas.

Your continued support as parents is always appreciated in the cold, rain and wind.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in January.

Never Give Up


U12s Match report: Stonnall Juniors 2 – 0 FC Perton Hammers

Stonnall Juniors 2 – 0 FC Perton Hammers
Goals from Ash, Ben
MOTM was awarded by Bens Grandad to Ash

This was probably the best performance as a team since early last season. Everything we talked about and have covered in training over the last several weeks was displayed, with respect to FC Perton Hammers the result of only 2-0 didn’t show the true picture of the performance. Some great play down the left side with Charlie, Ash, Mac and Harry combining with intricate one touch football showed a threat, with continued pressure Ash moved off his marker and with Harry playing a sublime little through ball Ash finished for 1-0, this was the best team goal we have scored to date.
Chances continued to come with more great combination play from all parts of the pitch, Charlie hit the bar and almost knocked the goals over with a tremendous strike (sure it bounced over the line!) Defence supported each other and responded to the midfield players to with support and endless communication. Mac tracked back brilliantly at times to make tap tackles, with Bens strength in the box and almost having his shirt ripped off he nodded in to make it 2-0.
Extremely pleasing performance from every player in every position – this is your bench mark now lads.
Thank you to the parents of Stonnall Juniors who continue to show support and respect to both teams and the young officials.
See you Saturday
Neil & Wayne

Tipton FC 0 – 1 Stonnall Juniors

Tipton FC 0 – 1 Stonnall Juniors
Goals: Ben
MOTM awarded to Ethan
Well done Ethan on a solid display at right wing back against a player who was quick and much bigger. Although Ethan didn’t match him for size he matched him for speed and out shone him with technical ability.
A good result lads against a team who give very little away, we didn’t seem to play as we normally do but that’s football! A calm finish from Ben to give us the points, we created more chances, more of a gamble and reaction in the 6 yard box may have given us a few more goals.
Few things to remember:
Positions – when making recovery runs think of your own position first.
Vision/awareness make sure the checks are made.
Primary cover runs – have a think about this and we’ll discuss more on Saturday.
Another good result lads – keep working hard.
See you Saturday 10 till 12.